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Simplistic wedding cake using high quality ingredients, for reasonable prices. Price given is dependant on size and design of cake.

Wedding cakes


    When ordering a wedding cake from us, here are some helpful tips to consider:

    • Number of Tiers: Discuss with A taste of heaven how many tiers you envision for your wedding cake. Factors such as the number of guests and the overall aesthetic you desire, will influence the size and number of tiers. We can provide guidance based on the guest count and preferences to ensure the cake is appropriately sized.

    • Design Preferences: Give information about the design the you have in mind for their wedding cake. Whether you would prefer a classic, elegant design or a more modern and unique style, understanding your vision will help us create a cake that reflects your personalities and complements the wedding theme. We can offer design inspiration and tailor the cake to match your desired look and feel.

    • Use of Dummy Cakes: Think about  the option of incorporating dummy cakes along with a real cake to save on costs. Dummy cakes are non-edible cake forms that mimic the appearance of real cake tiers. By using dummy cakes for some tiers and a real cake for others, couples can achieve the desired visual impact while reducing expenses. We can advise on the best combination of dummy and real tiers based on the couple's budget and design preferences.

    • Tasting and Consultation: We offer the couple a tasting and consultation session to sample our cake flavors and discuss their wedding cake vision in detail. This allows you to experience our delicious cake flavors firsthand and provides an opportunity for us to address any questions or concerns they may have. During the consultation, we can explore different design options, discuss tier sizes, and finalize the details to ensure your wedding cake is exactly as you envision.

    • Timeline: Please be advised to book your wedding cake well in advance to secure your date on our calendar. Wedding cake orders often require careful planning and preparation, so I encourage you to reserve your spot as soon as possible. Additionally, we can discuss the timeline for finalizing design details, making any necessary changes, and confirming delivery or pickup arrangements closer to the wedding date.


    Please give at least 4 weeks notice when ordering a cake and deciding on design.

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